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May 7, 2012
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"I would suspect so much from the Institute…"

Drake set down his cup of tea on the round table in the Institute of War's Tactical Room. Scylliss sat across from him, sipping her tea.

"What?" She responded. "That the Institute would have caused the Great War?"

"Yes. It's quiet odd…" He frowned. "I assume it's not any of the Lords or Mistresses. Morello seems like a powerful peacekeeper, and I don't think Phreak is THAT desperate for adventure…"

"What about Mistress Ninasaur?" Scylliss added.

"No. She's too kind. Too gentle…" He scowled, as if thinking too hard.

"Don't assume. The last time you assumed, my dear little Du Couteau nearly ended up under the guillotine…" Scylliss smiled, setting down her cup on the table.

"Oh, quiet. That was purely a miscalculation…"

"That nearly cost my poor Kitty Kat her life…"

Drake smirked. "You Noxians and your sadistic sense of humor. Always checking your back to see who falls and whose out to get you…"

"Come now, Drake. No need to get pushy."

They both chuckled.

"But honestly, what do you think is going on? I haven't seen this much turmoil about since the days of the Rune Wars or Noxus's rematch with Ionia…" Drake repeated.

Scylliss' expression soon turned dark, the hair covering her left eye dispersing. The exposure of her eye always fazed whoever witnessed its unveiling…except for, of course, Drake. He smiled warmly, noticing her discomfort.

"Ah, calm yourself now. I didn't mean to make this unsettling for you. Tell you what, how about we ditch this water and leaves and I'll buy you a drink at the tavern? My treat."

"…" She stayed silent.

"You can bring Warwick with you…" He smiled, leaning in. He lifted her chin with his hand and gave one last kindling gesture. She smiled and looked away.

"I suppose Warwick could use a walk around…"

"That's the spirit! Now come on. I know a great bar in Demacia…"
This is my character, Drake, chilling with Scylliss, who is...

:iconultema: 's


I found a lot of interest in the "Summoner" side of LoL because of Ultema.

She does a lot of great work so check her out.
JaxFenrile May 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LMAO! Taking Scylliss and WW to Demacia, that will end well. xD
FilmTheCity May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thats why I ended it there...

If you'd like me to make the afterwards...?
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